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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

You can help Silverado Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!

"Silverado is an efficient, friendly pharmacy. The staff is never too busy to answer questions and help you in any way they can."

"The best; everyone; the customer comes first"

"The people who work there!"

"Silverado Pharm is the best! Always concerned about the prescriptions and their affects on other meds I take. Very knowledgeable with the latest on medications. Great at suggestions for over-the-counter remedies. Always a kind, very friendly staff."

"Local and convenient"

"It's an awesome local pharmacy."


"The caring staff, professionalism, and location in our small town."

"Easy, convenient, and always informative. Always friendly. I would not go anywhere else. Thank you."

"It's close by, no lines, and we know all the people that work there. It's a great place. Thank you for staying; when you moved from the larger place, I was concerned you might leave. My favorite is Veronica, she is very pleasant and efficient."

"Our local Silverado Pharmacy has a professional, friendly staff who are always willing to help in any way they can."

"It's walking distance from my home, therefore, no need to drive a car."

"The people working there are professional and attentive, they follow-up, and go out of their way. Very happy they are in Calistoga!"

"Easy to do business with. In addition to being an efficient, professionally run pharmacy, they carry a good selection of cards, and over-the-counter products, which saves me shopping time. "

"The customer comes first!"

"Friendly staff"

"Within walking distance from home."

"Centrally located in town for easy walk to go pick up prescriptions."

"I just do."

"The employees are very nice, and the store is very convenient."

"The ease of location, and the nice staff."

"The staff is always patient and willing to help in any way they can."

"That I can walk to the pharmacy from my home."

"The staff is always very helpful, friendly, and kind. Thank you! "

"I like that it is local, and that the staff is really helpful and friendly."

"Friendly and knowledgable staff"

"This pharmacy is walking distance from home."

"Friendly, concerned, and supportive neighbors!"

"The employees' courtesy!"


"Everyone knows me, and it's super fast, efficient, and friendly."

"Friendly, helpful, and local"

"Close; always asks if I understand the side effects; cares about my feedback"

"Customer service is excellent."

"Great service!"

"Proximity to home"

You can help Silverado Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!